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engineering teams

Your people are your greatest asset.
To go from 0-1 and from 1-10, you need top-notch Software Engineers, and you need them now.
We get it, and we have done it before, many times.

Our Edge

Expert Tech Recruiters, for early stage startups, within the Americas.

See how our approach can drive your startups success.


Our Clients

We partner with Founders that value quality, culture fit, and strategic growth.

VC Firms

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with respected Venture Capital Firms
that share our commitment to support startups success.


Our Edge

We're not just recruiters; we're entrepreneurs who have built startups from the ground up and partnered with Founders to build their engineering teams.

Specialized in early-stage engineering

We focus solely on securing talent for startups from Seed to Series B (and profitable bootstrapped companies)

Diverse engineering roles

We specialize in recruiting for all engineering roles, including leadership positions such as CTO, Head of Engineering, Principal, Staff, Tech Lead, and Sr ICs.

Extensive engineering network

Tap into our extensive network, featuring experienced engineers from a wide range of industries. Our domain-agnostic expertise allows us to source top-tier talent across various fields, ensuring we find the best candidates regardless of your startup's focus.

Focus on quality with our boutique approach

We manage a limited number of searches at a time, focusing intensely on delivering high-quality results and personalized service.

How we work

Our Process

Our approach is tailored to each startups unique needs.
We provide hands-on, end-to-end recruitment support, ensuring a perfect fit for both skills and culture.
Our contained recruitment model guarantees a focused, efficient process, typically completing searches in under six weeks.

Personalized, hands-on recruitment guidance

From defining roles to making offers, we provide end-to-end advisory throughout the hiring process. We conduct a detailed Kick-off Call to understand your company and role in depth, and create custom client dashboards, data reports, candidate dossiers, and scorecards.

Speed up your hiring with our efficient process

Our contained recruitment model delivers results quickly, often completing searches in less than six weeks.

Leverage our deep industry insights

With years of experience in building companies and engineering teams, we provide valuable market insights and strategic hiring advice.

End mismatched hires

Our candidates are meticulously vetted for both skills and cultural fit, ensuring they contribute effectively right from the start.


What Our Clients Say

Hear from Founders who have successfully built their engineering teams with our help.

"Ingenium has been a true partner to us as we've scaled our engineering team."

Connor Watumull
CEO of Miter

"Working with Ingenium is a dream; they are responsive, technical, and understand the unique challenges of recruiting for startups. They can quickly adapt to changing markets and talent needs, and have been a real asset to our company."

Ted Nyman
CEO of Cased

"Through them we were able to hire incredible folks, they all index really highly both on technical skills and culture fit, which is important for any team but especially for a growing startup."

Ryan Johnson
CEO of Float Health

"Ingenium Search quickly understood our company culture and what we needed in a leader, becoming our partners, more than recruiters. They helped us find the perfect match and made the whole process feel seamless and enjoyable."

Maxx Burman
Co-Founder of KitBash3D

"Not to flatter you or anything but I’ve worked with a lot of recruiters and you’re definitely one of the top, amazing sourcing and engaging with candidates."

Ozzie Osman
Co-Founder of Monarch Money

"Alfonso and Dani are sharp and trusted talent partners for us at Hyperline. They make the effort to really understand our requirements and then put in the time and work required to find the right candidates."

Abhinav Vora
Co-Founder of Hyperline

"We have partnered with Ingenium with a few of searches, and they have helped us identify great talent. Their approach is very professional, and they have taken the time to build relationships rather than a transactional approach."

Amit Sasturkar
CTO & Co-Founder of BoostUp.ai

"Ingenium hit the ground running and quickly sourced hard-to-reach candidates. Not only that, they provided thoughtful, strategic guidance on how to keep candidates engaged in the process and ultimately make a compelling offer. I'd highly recommend them to any fast-growing startup looking for senior engineering talent, especially if you're looking for a strategic partner and not just a transactional relationship."

Michael Stapleton
CEO & Co-Founder of Leopard

"We have been working with Ingenium from early on in our company's history, and have trusted the team with some of the most important, critical hires we have ever made. What I specifically appreciate about Alfonso and Dani, is how deeply they understand what's important to us in the roles we're looking to fill, how open and transparent they are about the process and the candidates, and receptive to feedback. I know I can always trust Alfonso and Dani to give us advice and to bring us the best candidates."

Kirill Gertman
CEO of Conduit

"We recently completed 3 technical searches with Ingenium. Not only did give us access to top tier talent, but they were also willing to conform their processes to fit with our own internal recruiting procedures. Their team were professionals from beginning to end and put everyone involved in the process at ease. I think this helped us attract and close great candidates."

Sam Parker
COO of Swoogo

About us

We are Founders too

We’re not just recruiters—we’re entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes.
We understand the unique challenges and needs of building a startup from the ground up.

Co-Founder & CEO

Alfonso Tiscareno

Co-Founder & CEO

Alfonso Tiscareno

Co-Founder & COO


Co-Founder & COO


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Let's build your team together

We're ready to answer your questions and discuss how we can find the perfect fit for your team.

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Our Team

Building the right team is critical for early-stage startup success.
We help Founders, from Seed to Series B, build engineering teams that match your culture and naturally accelerate your technical progress and business goals.

Co-Founder $ CEO

Alfonso Tiscareno

With over 16 years of experience in the tech recruitment industry, Alfonso stands at the forefront of connecting groundbreaking venture capital-backed startups with world-class engineering talent. Based in San Francisco, California, Alfonso has carved a niche in the recruitment world, specializing in engineering roles for early and growth-stage startups from Founding Engineers, Staff/Principal Engineers, and Engineering Leadership.Before founding Ingenium, Alfonso demonstrated a proven track record of success, spearheading the growth of technical recruitment divisions from scratch and leading teams to achieve remarkable global success. From the bustling streets of Sydney, Australia, to the innovative hub of California, Alfonso has been instrumental in the development and strategy of leading recruitment firms, making a lasting impact with the people that he partners with.The inception of Ingenium in April 2023 marked a significant milestone in Alfonso's career. It encapsulated a deep-rooted passion for fostering genuine partnerships within the startup ecosystem. Alfonso has built Engineering teams for portfolio companies of top-tier venture capital firms such as Gradient Ventures, Canva Ventures, Bessamear Ventures, Audacius Capital, Mayfield, Accel, Norwest Ventures Partners, including companies like Calm, Medium, Scale AI, Nines, Houseparty, and Allbirds, to name a few.Alfonso's journey is not just about professional achievements but reflects a profound love for family, tech, sports, music, and travel. Through Ingenium, Alfonso continues to drive the future of Tech recruitment, one successful placement at a time, building true partnerships that foster growth, innovation, and success for startups and talent alike.

Co-Founder & COO

Dani Abadi

Dani is a serial entrepreneur who has been building tech teams for over 15 years. Born and raised in Argentina and currently living in Uruguay, Dani is passionate about startups and innovation.As the former Co-founder and CEO of Educabilia, an EdTech marketplace that was venture-backed and acquired in 2015, Dani understands founders' challenges firsthand. He knows that the key to building a successful startup is hiring top talent.His approach to attract talent is to focus on identifying candidates who are excited to join the journey and committed to the long term. Recruitment is not just about matching keywords but about finding people who have the required skills but also fit the company's culture and product vision.With this mindset, Dani has helped early-stage startup founders in the US attract and hire outstanding developers and engineering leaders from competitive markets, including the US, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay and Colombia. He has successfully placed candidates in key roles such as CTO, Head of Engineering, Engineering Managers, Tech Leads, and Senior Individual Contributors for startups like Eight Sleep, Monarch Money, Copy.ai and others.Dani is also a psychology graduate (with honors) and loves connecting with people worldwide to help them achieve their goals faster.

Tech Sourcer

Memi Lubertino

Memi is one of the Technical Sourcers on our team. She graduated with honors in Business Administration from the University of Buenos Aires. With a knack for building relationships and excellent communication skills, she developed a keen interest in the field of talent acquisition.Memi has previously worked for a recruiting software startup in the US, giving her a deep understanding of what clients are looking for when searching for new talent. Born and raised in Argentina, she has a passion for art, traveling, and meeting new people.Dedicated and detail-oriented, Memi is committed to finding and connecting top talent with exciting opportunities in the tech industry.

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Let's build your team together

We're ready to answer your questions and discuss how we can find the perfect fit for your team.

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Connor Watumull:

"A true partner."

CEO of Miter

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